Raw Natural Pure Sourwood Honey & Wildflower Honey
From the Pisgah Forest in Brevard, and Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

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about us
Following in my Dad's footsteps, I began beekeeping with two hives in 2008. In the spring of 2011, the beeyard grew to twelve hives, and my hobby became a business. Fortunately I had several good friends pitch in to help. We did a few splits, captured a few swarms, and grew to eighteen hives by that summer.

Mike Elliott
Mike's Beeyard

Mike Elliott
The joy in beekeeping is not only tasting the honey but the pure pleasure one gets from interaction with this remarkable creature.

Fast forward to 2016 and my Mom and Dad moved permanently to the area, settling on acreage just southwest of Brevard, along with his colonies of bees. I now have four new partners with my wife (Lindsey), our son (Silas), and my Dad (Mike) and Mom (Marsha) joining me in the business.

Matt and Lindsey at the Farmers' Market

My Dad brings over fifteen years of beekeeping knowledge to the business with vast experiences ranging from raising his own queens, past Bee Club president, participation at State Club meetings, and mentoring new beekeepers.
Read Mike's Blog, "The Beekeeper's Buzz", for an insight into the thoughts of a beekeeper. Mike handles the internet orders and my Mom, Marsha, handles the web site. They both also help at the farmers' Market.

Lindsey is actively involved, making hand-crafted soaps, beeswax candles, and lip balms and helping out at the Farmers' Market.

No doubt that our littlest beekeeper Silas will carry on the family tradition.

We have three beeyards. Each site has a mountain creek, providing a water source for the bees. Nearby are vegetable and flower gardens, wild blackberries, raspberries and an abundance of wildflowers and trees. The area is thick with Sourwood trees which produces a world-famous Premium Honey.

The main apiary is on the Elliott family farm, surrounded by extensive and undisturbed land adjoining Gorges State Park.

little beekeeper


Pisgah National Forest covers a half million acres in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina. Not only do the bees love it, but it is my "backyard" playground. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, mountain-climbing are all just minutes away.